Best sources of news about US inflation

There are many sources of news about US inflation, but I ignore most of them and instead cull and curate content solely from the best of them. 

Here they are:

  • First, Mike "Inflation Trader" Ashton's blog, titled "E-piphany,"  which is different from his second web site. I have disagreed with Mike Ashton several times in the past (mostly on SeekingAlpha), but concede that he has been writing about inflation investing long before most other trader-economists were. Indeed, he has styled himself as an "Inflation trader" for years. This trader-economist Mike Ashton should NOT be confused with Mike Ashton the CFA.  Furthermore, Mike Ashton the trader-economist apparently no longer posts articles on Seeking Alpha.

  • Inflation Data.  This web site does not post news as often as others do, but essentially every item that they post relates to US inflation.
  • US Inflation Calculator.  This web site posts a news item only once per month, that's it -- nothing more often than that.  OTOH, if you want hard numbers without much commentary or analysis, then this site may be the one for you.
  • Shadow Stats, by John Williams, is one of my favorite web sites. It is excellent.
  • Michael "Mish" Shedlock is by no means a distinguished or erudite economist, but he often writes about inflation. I sometimes disagree with his analysis or conclusions.
  • Inflation news at does not post articles as often as other sites, but the quality of the articles seems adequate.
  • Investors' Daily often has worthwhile news articles relating to inflation.
  • Zero Hedge (ZH) is OK provided that you can brook the pro-Putin, pro-Russian propaganda that ZH often publishes. An additional consideration is that many of ZH's news articles do not relate to inflation at all, but that problem is easy to solve: You may simply ignore the non-inflation news articles.

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Sunday, 26 March 2023